What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (2024)

After a last-minute breakdown in contract talks with Kliff Kingsbury earlier this month, the Las Vegas Raiders quickly pivoted and hired Luke Getsy as their offensive coordinator. There were plenty of questions about Kingsbury, who went on to take the same job with the Washington Commanders, but there are even more about Getsy.


The former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator was fired last month after a two-year tenure from 2022-23 for good reason. The Bears averaged just 19.2 points per game (23rd) and 307.8 yards per game (28th) in 2022. They improved in 2023, but they still put up just 21.2 points per game (18th) and 323.2 yards per game (20th). Getsy has yet to show he can be a good offensive playcaller in the NFL, so it’s fair to question why the Raiders brought him on board.

The Raiders’ offense was miserable in 2023. They averaged 19.5 points per game (23rd), managed just 289.5 yards per game (27th) and constantly held the team back. That was the driving force behind the firings of head coach Josh McDaniels and offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi, and interim offensive coordinator Bo Hardegree’s inability to fix it is why he was also let go. The Raiders decided that Getsy, who’s never put together a good offense, could transform their offense into a good one.

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The only justifiable explanation behind the move is that the Raiders believe that the Bears’ struggles on offense have much more to do with the underwhelming play of Bears quarterback Justin Fields and Chicago’s substandard offensive personnel surrounding him than it does Getsy. That may be true, but Getsy has to prove it. If he doesn’t, it’ll end up going down as a head-scratching hire by head coach Antonio Pierce that could set back the franchise.

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— Las Vegas Raiders (@Raiders) February 16, 2024

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from Getsy’s offense based on film analysis, statistics and reporting. Unless otherwise noted, all statistics are courtesy of TruMedia.

2023 personnel and production

The Bears took a run-first approach under Getsy and leaned on heavy personnel sets to bring additional blockers on the field. While they still used 11 personnel (one running back, one tight end, three receivers) on the majority of their plays, it only accounted for 57.8 percent of their offensive snaps (24th). They used 12 personnel (one running back, two tight ends) on 23.2 percent of their snaps (eighth), 21 personnel (two running backs, one tight end) on 11.1 percent of their snaps (seventh) and even worked in 13 personnel (one running back, three tight ends) and 22 personnel (two running backs, two tight ends). They finished seventh in the NFL in snaps with multiple running backs and eighth in the NFL in snaps with multiple tight ends.


Along with Fields serving as a dynamic running threat, the Bears’ commitment to keeping bigger bodies on the field helped them punish teams on the ground. They averaged 31.4 rushes per game (second) for 141.1 yards per game (second) and gained 4.5 yards per carry (sixth).

The issue was the Bears were too reliant on their run game and weren’t able to maintain an effective pass game. Fields missed four games injured, but Chicago hardly attempted to pass even when he was healthy. They averaged just 30.2 passes per game (tied 27th) for 182.1 passing yards per game (27th) and averaged 6.7 yards per attempt (24th). They finished with almost as many interceptions (15) as touchdown passes (19).

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (2)

Whether the problem was quarterback play, coaching or both, the Bears offense struggled to pass the ball with Luke Getsy and Justin Fields. (Nam Y. Huh / Associated Press)

As a result, the Bears had one of the least explosive and least efficient offenses in the league. Explosive plays are considered rushes of 12 or more yards and completions of 16 or more yards. The Bears generated an explosive play rate of just 10.3 percent (18th). Success rate is a statistic that measures down-to-down efficiency. The Bears had a success rate of 38.9 percent (24th). Expected Points Added is a metric that measures how many points any individual play is worth to a team. The Bears finished 22nd in offensive EPA per play.

The Raiders have the personnel for Getsy to continue to lean on heavy personnel groupings if he so chooses. But for the offense to be successful, he has to be able to find better balance and improve when it comes to marrying the run and pass games.

Though some may be quick to blame Fields for their ineffective offense, other teams have been able to put together explosive offenses while developing dual-threat quarterbacks. When you look at the blueprint for successful dual-threat quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts, they were put into heavy option attacks to start their careers, which gave them a way to be productive while they developed as passers. Early in his career, Fields was asked to be a passer first and his ability as a runner wasn’t properly utilized.


In Jackson’s first two seasons as a full-time starter, 68 percent of his rushing yards came from designed runs and 32 percent were on scrambles. This is an important distinction because the split shows how the offense is designed. As Jackson improved his ability to win from the pocket, the Ravens’ offense became less reliant on the option.

In the last two seasons, only 43 percent of Fields’ rushing yards were from designed runs and 57 percent were from scrambles. In 2022, it took Getsy until Week 7 to call designed runs for Fields consistently and the offense made significant strides after that point. In 2023, he again went away from QB-designed runs and the offense struggled. He eventually implemented designed rushes again but their option game was never particularly well-designed. Their option package should have been more robust and expansive.

We don’t know who the Raiders’ quarterback will be next season. Maybe Getsy will get a pocket passer who better fits his system but it is concerning that he couldn’t adjust his scheme to his quarterback’s strengths effectively.

Run game

Getsy’s base run game is outside zone, a scheme he picked up with his time with Matt LaFleur, who came from the Kyle Shanahan/Sean McVay tree. The Bears ran many variations of outside zone and in 2023, when they upgraded their offensive line talent, they were one of the best rushing teams in the league, finishing ninth in rushing success rate — 73 percent of their runs were zone runs (seventh-highest percentage in the league).

The Raiders finished 21st in offensive rushing success but were most effective on outside zone runs, so Getsy’s scheme fits the Raiders’ personnel. The offensive line has to be improved but left tackle Kolton Miller and Dylan Parham, who could shift over to center next season, should return and those two are more athletic than they are bruisers.

Hiring offensive line coach James Cregg is a sign that Getsy will continue to implement outside zone. Cregg was the assistant offensive line coach for the 49ers, one of the best zone teams in the league.

Week 17, 8:49 remaining in the third quarter, first-and-10

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (3)

Here, the Bears used one of their base runs, which is also one of the 49ers’ base runs: 18/19 Zorro. The Bears ran this concept from many different personnel groupings and formations. Here, they were in 22 personnel (two backs, two tight ends, one receiver). Both tight ends and the fullback started in a bunch to the right but tight end Cole Kmet shifted to the left.

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (4)

Before the snap, the fullback also motioned to the left. The key feature on Zorro is the double-team on the edge by two skill players. Here, the double came from Kmet and the fullback. The fullback was responsible for the inside shoulder of the edge player while the tight end was responsible for his outside shoulder.

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (5)

The edge player went inside, so the fullback blocked him, opening up a seam for the running back. This variation was particularly effective because Getsy forced the defense to account for the bunch on the right before quickly changing the strength of the formation with pre-snap movement. Expect to see the Raiders heavily utilize this concept.


Another one of Getsy’s favorite runs is same-side outside zone toss from the gun.

Week 7, 12:20 remaining in the third quarter, first-and-15

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (6)

Usually in shotgun, the defense anticipates that the run will go to the opposite side of where the running back is offset. Getsy likes to run outside zone toward the same side that the back is offset to by having the quarterback quickly toss him the ball.

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (7)

As soon as quarterback Tyson Bagent received the snap, he hot-potato tossed it to the running back, who hit the cutback lane for a nice gain on first down.

Though the Bears’ running game was certainly aided by the threat of Fields’ keeping the ball, to Getsy’s credit, their running game was still effective in the four games that Fields was hurt. Getsy’s ability to scheme up an outside zone running game under center should translate to Las Vegas but they have to find three new starters along the offensive line first.

Pass game

Ideologically, Getsy’s passing game originates from Mike McCarthy, who he started his career working for in Green Bay.

“Yeah, I mean Davante (Adams) entered the world in Green Bay, that was how I was raised in this business in the Mike McCarthy-West Coast style,” Getsy said in his introductory news conference. “And, obviously, the West Coast is a general term now, there are all these different flavors of it that everyone has kind of taken and run with, and I think we’ll have our own as well.”

With Fields, Getsy ran a lot of play-action (10th in play-action usage) with a ton of boots and rollouts — they ranked first in designed rollout usage. Though boots will always be a big component in outside zone offenses, Getsy will likely dial back on calling them with the Raiders. Ideally, Getsy seems to want his offense to be comprised of more quick and intermediate dropback concepts that emphasize timing and rhythm. Dak Prescott improved as a passer with this style of offense when McCarthy took over play-calling duties in Dallas this year.

Dak Prescott to Brandin Cooks. @dallascowboys up 17-7. #SEAvsDAL on Prime Video
Also available on #NFLPlus https://t.co/YcXzMZb8jY pic.twitter.com/cgoA93uLBo

— NFL (@NFL) December 1, 2023

Finding a passer who can throw in rhythm with some escapability like Prescott would be the prototype for how we think Getsy wants to shape his offense. Getsy highlighted “escapability” during his introduction as an important trait of what he is looking for in a quarterback.

“Kind of like anything, you’d like to have a little bit of everything, right? And I think in this game, I think it’s really important that you have some type of escapability,” Getsy said. “It doesn’t mean you have to be as dynamic as Justin (Fields) was, but I think you have to have escapability. You’ve got to be able to have the second chance and create the extended play, whether it’s just sliding in the pocket, or whether it’s extending it with your feet outside of the pocket.”

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The biggest concern with Getsy as an offensive coordinator is how many mental mistakes show up on film and it wasn’t all just on the quarterback. The offensive line made errors with its protection assignments and receivers seemingly ran the wrong routes a lot. Whether that’s on the players or the coaching isn’t certain, but we can only infer from what we see on film.

Week 1, 9:52 remaining in the second quarter, second-and-4

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (9)

This play appeared to be a boot concept because the offensive line clearly was pass blocking. However, there were no routes run into the quarterback’s vision until the running back, who had to carry out the run fake, broke to the right. If the back was the intended target, his route took much too long and Fields didn’t have a chance on the play.

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (10)

The play-side receiver ran a fade route (right of the image), but that’s not usually an option on a boot play. The tight end to the rollout side didn’t run a route and the slot on the opposite side ran an outbreaking route away from the rollout. There were just too many examples of plays like this last season in which there was confusion on what exactly the offense was trying to accomplish.


Getsy also made questionable decisions as a play caller. He fell in love with screen concepts in 2023. According to Sports Info Solution, the Bears ranked seventh in screen usage even though they ranked 31st on success rate on screens.

He called screen after screen against the Vikings in Week 12. Fields finished that game with an average depth of target of 2.7 yards and predictably, the Bears only scored 10 points. Against the Buccaneers in Week 2, the Bears had the ball backed up on their 12-yard line. Getsy called a screen but it was negated by an offensive pass interference penalty. He called the same screen to the same side on the next play and it was picked off for a touchdown. After the game, Bucs linebacker Shaquil Barrett said everyone knew the screen was coming.

The hope for Getsy is that he has grown from these experiences and won’t make these types of mistakes again.

“That game experience gives you the most to grow from and it’s the same thing with me,” Getsy said. “Every game, I found my way, I found my way to get through the process a little bit cleaner each and every week.”

Maybe he was hindered by Fields’ limitations as a passer and he can get in a better flow with a pocket passer. Getsy also talked about how he went through the reasoning behind his game plan and play calls from the Bears’ Week 7 win against the Raiders with undrafted rookie Bagent starting with Pierce during his interview. Pierce seems to believe in Getsy’s ability as a strategist but we’ll see if that ability will finally translate to the field in Las Vegas. Pierce’s offensive coordinator hire is going to be one of the most important decisions he’ll make as a head coach and he tied his fate to Getsy’s potential improvement as a play caller.

(Top photo: Brian Cassella / Getty Images)

What film shows the Raiders can expect from new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (2024)


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