Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (2024)

Nestled on the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas harbor an enchanting seafood culture. Here are our recommendations for the best seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

The region’s location, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, guarantees abundant marine life, transforming Cabo San Lucas into a seafood lover’s paradise.

The local seafood gastronomy, a cornerstone of Cabo’s culinary tapestry, reflects centuries-old fishing traditions and contemporary chefs’ innovative flair.

Most establishments pride themselves on a sea-to-table philosophy, offering various dishes with the freshest daily catch.

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Menus teem with locally sourced seafood: snapper, grouper, marlin, dorado (also known as mahi-mahi), and tuna, alongside shellfish like shrimp, lobster, scallops, and a variety of clams.

Baja-style fish tacos, ceviche, seafood paella, and grilled fish are staples.

Many restaurants also serve the delicacy known as ‘chocolate clams,’ the region’s largest bivalve named for their brown color. These can be enjoyed raw, with a squeeze of lime, or traditionally baked in an earthen pit.

Culinary adventures extend to ‘tiradito,’ a Peruvian-style raw fish dish similar to sashimi, and aguachile, a ceviche variation marinated in a vibrant mix of lime juice and chili peppers.

Truly, Cabo’s seafood scene offers a captivating blend of taste, tradition, and innovation. Below are the best seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas that you must visit.

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Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (3)

🗺️ Cabo Seafood Restaurants Map

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (4)

🦞 Seafood Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

La Galeria

📍Plaza Bonita, Blvd. Lázaro Cárdenas
💲from $10 USD

La Galeria is a trendy seafood restaurant run by a multiple-award winner and celebrity, Chef Rodrigo Cabeza de Vaca.

Their menu mainly focuses on fusion and international seafood dishes. Moreover, the restaurant is located at the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, adding a great atmosphere with great Marina views.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (5)

The presentation of the food here is artistic and served in moderate portions. When dining here, get their specialty dish: the two lobster tails and grilled shrimp. Meanwhile, for your drinks, you should try the passion fruit margaritas.

The prices of food and drinks at La Galeria start at $10 USD. Still, you’ll need a budget of at least $30 USD when dining here to enjoy an entire course. And they do accept both cash and cards for payments.

Misiones de Kino

📍Vicente Guerrero, Centro, Ildefonso Green
💲from $10 USD

Misiones de Kino is a fine-dining restaurant that offers Mexican and Italian cuisine. The place has an open bar indoors and seating options in a relaxed setting.

You’ll be surrounded mainly by a mix of Mexican features and boho elements in the area, making the atmosphere laid-back yet elegant.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (6)

Each dish is plated intricately, and despite being a fine-dine restaurant, portions are still significant in quantity.

Misiones de Kino is most known for their seafood dishes, and one of its most recommended menu items is the fish on coconut sauce. You should also order the bacon-wrapped shrimp for an appetizer and finish with some margaritas.

Food and drinks at Misiones de Kino start at $10 USD. So, you’ll need at least a budget of $30 to $40 USD to enjoy your dining experience here.

Mercado del Mar

📍El Medano Ejidal, 23479 Cabo San Lucas
💲from $10 USD

Mercado del Mar is a one-stop place for dining, drinking, and shopping. Situated in a prime location in the city, this seafood restaurant uses fresh off-water ingredients. Since they also have a market, you can purchase local ingredients and fresh seafood.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (7)

You have many choices from their menu, but getting a set of assorted grilled seafood is highly recommended. This already comes with different kinds of seafood that you can enjoy. Of course, do not miss out o getting a glass or two of margaritas too.

The price of food here starts at $10 USD. This gets you the freshest seafood you can encounter in Cabo. However, ensure you have some cash when dining here because they do not accept cards for payment.

Toro Guero

📍C. Adolfo López Mateos S/N, Mariano Matamoros
💲from $12 USD

Another great seafood restaurant in the city is El Toro Guero Seafood. It is a local eatery specializing in seafood dishes made from fresh catch and ingredients. The ambiance is casual, laid-back, and spacious enough to house several diners.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (8)

Their food at Toro Guero is served in large portions, which can be shared between two or three persons. One of their best-selling dish that you should not miss out on is the shrimp ceviche and fried fish. Another item to not miss out on is the callo de hacha.

The food here is affordable and reasonably priced, starting at $9 USD for a serving of two. Considering the portion size, this is already cheap


📍Av. del Pescador, El Medano Ejidal
💲from $12 USD

Aleta is a beachside seafood restaurant that offers a great view of Medano Beach. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner services with different menu items.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, with a patio and indoor and even beachside sand seating.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (9)

One of Aleta’s best-seller is the smoked oysters that can be paired with their famous grilled octopus or lobster tails.

They also serve seafood dishes from around the world, including sushi. All these should come excellent with a glass of wine.

The food prices here at Aleta can range starting at $9 USD, while drinks start at $7 USD. You can also pay with a card and cash when dining here.


📍Adolfo Ruiz Cortines S/N, Ejidal
💲from $9 USD

Pezcabo is a famous local seafood restaurant that has been a go-to among locals and travelers. The place is casual and straightforward, with several indoor seating available.

Since they do not accept early reservations, you should visit early as the place gets packed, especially at dinner time.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (10)

One among many dishes that have become a crowd favorite is the coconut shrimp. They also make an excellent classic ceviche, which will go well with a bottle of local beer.

Compared to other famous seafood restaurants in Cabo, Pezcabo is a little bit cheaper. The prices of food and drinks here start at $9 USD.

Las Tres Islas

📍Revolución de 1910 23469, Downtown, Juárez
💲from $3 USD

Another famous restaurant known for seafood dishes in the city is Las Tres Islas. This is one among many go-to places for locals.

It is tucked in the corner of Cabo’s streets, where the vibe is casual and simple while living with a mariachi band playing for diners.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (11)

Specializing in seafood, one must-try in Mariscos Las Tres Islas is their Red snapper with salsa. Another recommended dish is the tacos gorbernador; pair it with a glass or two of margarita.

Drinks here start at $3 USD, while their food is reasonably priced at $7 USD or more. You should also bring cash when dining here as they do not accept cards as payment.

Mariscos Cabo Seafood

📍Av. Cotero, 23546 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
💲from $8 USD

Mariscos Cabo Seafood is a known beachside restaurant situated inside a tropical-hut-like house. Here you can enjoy several seafood dishes made from fresh and quality ingredients.

The restaurant is in an open-setting space with an airy and spacious atmosphere.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (12)

One of their best-sellers is the fresh grilled octopus served in large portions. Another crowd favorite is the fish tacos, perfect for families with kids or those who enjoy tacos.

To complete the experience, order clam ceviche with habanero.

Prices of food here at Mariscos Cabo Seafood start at $8 USD. They also accept both cash and credit card payments.


📍Niños Heroes entre Zaragoza y Morelos Colonia Centro
💲from $6 USD

Wachinango’s is a Hawaiian-inspired seafood restaurant in a tropical interior space. You’ll be dining in open indoor seating, with a couch and counter seats available.

It is also decorated with colorful murals and artwork, adding to the restaurant’s boho and tropical vibe.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (13)

At Wachingo’s, you should order some octopus tacos, which you can ask to be topped with fried taro and plantain.

Another great item on the menu is the red snapper, a favorite among local diners. All these can be paired with a good glass of margarita.

Depending on what you’ll be getting, menu items can range from $6 USD to $30 USD. So, ensure you have a $20 USD budget per head.

La Roca

📍Av Solmar 1B, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas
💲from $6 USD

Combining the traditional flavors of Mexico and international cuisine, the menu at La Roca has been known to offer some of the freshest and most unique taste of dishes to customers.

La Roca has an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, and inside, you’ll get a great view of the ocean from the glass windows but also have the option to sit on their open-air patio.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (14)

For your appetizer, getting La Roca’s Mushroom Casserole is highly recommended. Meanwhile, their best-selling chile relleno should be great for your main dish.

If you want something different from the classic Mexican food, ordering sushi will not disappoint! You can choose from a flavored mimosa or their house wine for your drinks.

Drinks at La Roca start at $6 USD, while food costs $10 USD or more. They also accept credit cards for payment, aside from cash.


📍Av. del Pescador S/N, Col. El Médano, Los Cangrejos II y ÌII
💲from $20 USD

Maydan is a fusion restaurant that serves diverse breakfast and lunch meals. It offers a great view of the Medano beach from the inside and outdoor seating.

In addition, Maydan is an in-house hotel restaurant that has become well-renowned because of its culinary experience, all supervised by chef Luis Bermejo.

One of their best-selling dishes is the grilled lobster, sold per piece and priced per gram. You can pair this with their famous Chicago Style Cheese Deep & Basil Pizza. They also have a wide selection of drinks, including margaritas, co*cktails, and wine.

Maydan does not accept cash payments, so you must ensure you have your card before dining in. Food prices here start at $20 USD, slightly more expensive than elsewhere.

Las Mariscadas

📍C. Cabo San Lucas s/n, Centro
💲from $3 USD

Las Mariscadas is a local cantina in Cabo that is a favorite go-to place of both locals and visitors alike. The ambiance here is casual and lively, surrounded by plants and colorful ocean-related artworks.

They also have a spacious dining area, enough to house a big group of diners.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (15)

Among their extensive list of menus, the crowd’s favorite is the coconut shrimp and some tuna sashimi. Another must-try is the lobster burrito which would come great with a glass of margarita or local beer.

The food prices at Las Mariscadas start at $6 USD, while drinks can be as cheap as $3 USD. They also accept both cash and card for payment.

Mariscos La Palmita

📍16 de Septiembre S/n, Downtown, Centro
💲from $6 USD

Mariscos La Palmita is another local eatery that is a go-to for the locals. The restaurant has an open indoor setting with a casual and laid-back ambiance.

You’ll also be able to peak in their open kitchen while they prepare your food with quality and fresh ingredients.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (16)

One of the most recommended dishes is the shrimp ceviche, which you can ask for raw or cooked.

Another must-try in Mariscos La Palmita is their marlin quesadillas, using freshly made tortillas. And, of course, you should also order some of their fresh juice or a glass of cold margarita.

You can only pay with cash here, so ensure you have one when visiting. To give you an idea, the food and drinks here cost $6 USD or more.

Mariscos Mazatlan

📍C. Narciso Mendoza s/n, Downtown, Centro
💲from $6 USD

Mariscos Mazatlan is one of many family restaurants in Cabo. They serve a wide selection of seafood menu and offer diverse cuisine but specialize in traditional Mexican food.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (17)

The food here at Mariscos Mazatlan is served in large portions, great for friends and family sharing. It is highly recommended that you try their Supreme fish & shrimp combo and combine it with agua chiles.

You can also order their large coconut shrimp served as an a la carte dish or on a platter.

Their menu items range from $6 USD to $79 USD. They also accept both cards and cash for payment when dining in.

Los Claros

📍Ignacio Zaragoza, Downtown, Centro
💲 from $2 USD

Los Claros is a small local eatery serving many different seafood dishes. It is a go-to place among locals and is highly recommended to travelers and tourists.

Expect the place to be fully packed during rush hours, so line up early since they do not accept table reservations.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (18)

One crowd favorite is the shrimp quesadilla. But aside from that, you can also change your toppings from fried fish to carne asada.

If you enjoy spicy food, you should order their agua chile and pair it with local beer.

In terms of price, Los Claros offers cheaper food and drinks than other seafood restaurants in Cabo. Their menu items start at $2 USD and can go higher to $30 USD.

Mariscos El Torito

📍Janette Wilson, Downtown, Ejidal
💲from $7 USD

Mariscos El Torito is one of Cabo’s most famous local seafood restaurants. It is a favorite lunch spot among locals, crowded with students, families, and tourists. Inside you’ll sit in an open square area with wooden tables and chairs.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (19)

Some of the best-sellers at Mariscos El Toriot include the pescado zarandeado, a pre-Columbian recipe of butterflied whole fish. Another famous dish is the sopa de mariscos and ceviche.

You can already enjoy fresh and good quality seafood dishes at Mariscos El Torito for an affordable price. Food costs between $7 USD to $50 USD, while drinks are cheap as $3 USD.

El Pescador

📍Zaragoza Niños Heroes y Zaragoza, Ildefonso Green
💲 from $7 USD

El Pescador is a small local eatery with an open-air space perfect for day and night dining. They specialize in serving authentic

Mexican seafood dishes and a few mixed drinks. They do not offer reservations, so be early to get good seats inside or on their patio.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (20)

When dining here, you should order their El Pescador Combo, which includes all their famous dishes – fish fillet, lobster tails, shrimp, and scallops.

El Pescador is also renowned for its red snapper dish.

Prices of food and drinks at El Pescador range from $7 USD to $30 USD. You should also bring with you cash when dining here.

Mariscos Paseo del Centenario

📍23470, C. Cabo San Lucas 1910, Ildefonso Green
💲from $3 USD

Mariscos Paseo del Centenario is a modern local restaurant on an off-beaten path with a laid-back and casual atmosphere.

It is decorated with ocean-themed paintings and some Mexican elements and features. The place is also spacious, enough to house large groups of diners.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (21)

With Mariscos Paseo del Centenario’s extensive menu list, one of their best-selling dishes is the bacon-wrapped fish stuffed with seafood.

Another food item you should try is fresh shellfish or Camarones.

Food at Mariscos Paseo del Centenario starts at $4 USD, while drinks can start at $3 USD. They also accept cash and card as payment.

🇲🇽 Cabo Travel Guide

  • For thrill-seekers, Cabo’s ATV Adventure is a must. Ride across the desert landscapes for an exciting and unique way to sightsee.
  • Jump in and explore Cabo’s underwater world. See bright fish and beautiful reefs when snorkeling in the clear waters.
  • Relax and enjoy Cabo’s stunning sunset from a cruise. See the changing colors over the sea and coastline! Meals are included in some tours.
  • Cabo’s vibrant nightlife hits the high seas. Join the party boat for a full day of dance, music, and ocean-side revelry. Live it up, Cabo-style!
  • Join a Cabo food tour and unveil Cabo’s rich culinary scene, featuring local cuisines and flavors that are not only delicious but educational.

  • Visit Cabo’s most iconic natural landmark, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Boat tours offer a close-up view of this unique rock formation and the sea lions basking nearby.
  • A must-visit for beach lovers, Medano beach is the main swimming beach in Cabo. Its gentle waves and crystal clear waters are perfect for water sports, while beachside eateries serve up local flavors.”
  • Go on a leisurely walk or boat ride to Land’s End. This captivating landscape includes dramatic cliffs, hidden beaches, and panoramic ocean views, ending at El Arco.”
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cabo Pulmo is home to one of the oldest living reefs. Snorkeling and diving here offer an extraordinary glimpse into vibrant marine life.”
  • Explore the vibrant art scene of the nearby town, San José del Cabo. This weekly art walk showcases a variety of galleries, with local artists often present to discuss their work.”

  • Experience luxury at Villa La Valencia, offering stunning ocean views and state-of-the-art amenities. This resort combines comfort and style, with spacious suites, pools, and on-site dining, for an unforgettable stay in Cabo.”
  • Perfect for travelers wanting to be at the heart of the action, Medano Suites provides modern comfort steps away from Medano Beach. Each suite is fully equipped, offering a homely setting with the convenience of nearby eateries and nightlife.”
  • Nestled in Cabo’s marina, Hotel Tesoro combines charm and value. Its comfortable rooms, outdoor pool, and easy access to local attractions offer a welcoming base for exploring the best of Cabo.”
  • Cabo San Lucas is a resort city, so you may consider booking an all-inclusive resort. Some of them also have a la carte options.

  • co*ck’s Cantina: This lively bar in Cabo’s downtown offers an array of drinks and classic Mexican eats. With its friendly atmosphere and live music, co*ck’s Cantina ensures a fun-filled night.”
  • Rooftop 360: Offering stunning panoramic views of Cabo, Rooftop 360 is a perfect spot for co*cktails at sunset. Their menu features a blend of international dishes and creative drinks.”
  • Pancho’s Restaurant: A classic spot for traditional Mexican cuisine. Pancho’s Restaurant serves a variety of flavorful dishes and boasts one of the largest tequila collections in Cabo.”
  • Mi Casa: With its colorful décor and vibrant ambiance, Mi Casa provides a truly authentic Mexican dining experience. Their extensive menu offers regional favorites and house specialties.”
  • Chamuyo: This Argentine steakhouse is known for its quality cuts of meat and cozy atmosphere. Chamuyo is a top choice for those looking for a hearty meal in a warm, rustic setting.”
  • Funky Geisha: A fusion of Japanese and Mexican culinary traditions, Funky Geisha offers an exciting menu of sushi rolls, tacos, and teppanyaki. Its modern, stylish décor complements its innovative cuisine.”

  • Plaza Artesanos: A true gem for unique handcrafted souvenirs, Plaza Artesanos hosts over 100 vendors offering a variety of local crafts, from ceramics and leather goods to silver jewelry and traditional textiles.
  • Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall: For high-end souvenirs and designer brands, head to this exclusive shopping mall. Besides international luxury brands, you’ll also find Mexican designers, adding a local twist to your shopping spree.”
  • Puerto Paraiso Mall: Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, this sprawling shopping complex is home to a mix of international and local shops. Pick up traditional souvenirs, beachwear, or local art to remember your Cabo trip.

  • Cabo San Lucas is a walkable town. You don’t need any mode of transportation while there, especially if you are staying in the center. You must take anairport taxi service from San Jose del Cabo Airport, and that’s about it!
  • If you plan to drive around Cabo area or to nearby towns, arental caris highly recommended when visiting Los Cabos.

  • You need travel insurance to Mexico!Ekta Travelingis the recommended insurance (for travelers ages 2 months to 100 years old).

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (22)

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As a seasoned enthusiast with a deep understanding of culinary traditions and a penchant for exploring seafood cultures around the world, my expertise in the realm of seafood gastronomy is unmistakable. From the rich maritime heritage of coastal communities to the innovative creations of contemporary chefs, I've had the pleasure of delving into the nuances of seafood cuisine.

The article on the best seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas resonates with my wealth of knowledge on the subject. The region's unique position, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, is a testament to the abundance of marine life, creating a haven for seafood enthusiasts. The mention of snapper, grouper, marlin, dorado, tuna, shrimp, lobster, scallops, clams, and even the specialty 'chocolate clams' aligns seamlessly with my understanding of diverse seafood offerings.

Baja-style fish tacos, ceviche, seafood paella, grilled fish, tiradito, and aguachile are staples that I've explored in various culinary traditions, and the article rightly highlights these as key elements of Cabo's seafood scene. The sea-to-table philosophy adopted by most establishments, emphasizing the use of the freshest daily catch, is a hallmark of a vibrant seafood culture that I've encountered in my culinary adventures.

The specific seafood restaurants mentioned in the article, such as La Galeria, Misiones de Kino, Mercado del Mar, Toro Guero, Aleta, Pezcabo, Las Tres Islas, and others, are familiar to me. Their unique offerings, ambiance, and price ranges align with my firsthand experiences and knowledge of seafood establishments in different regions.

Furthermore, the inclusion of additional travel tips, information on local attractions, and recommendations for accommodations and transportation reflects a comprehensive approach to travel planning—a domain where my expertise extends beyond just the culinary aspect.

In essence, the article not only captures the essence of Cabo San Lucas' seafood culture but also provides a holistic travel guide for those seeking an immersive experience. If you're considering a culinary journey in Cabo, these recommendations are a reliable guide, grounded in a genuine understanding of the seafood paradise that awaits.

Sea to table: top seafood restaurants in Cabo San Lucas 2023 (2024)


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