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Chapter 2352: The Hus’ Trump Card


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A huge battle between the millions of soldiers on both sides erupted in an instant!

Chu Yunfan’s attack completely broke the stalemate.

On the grassland, alarm bells were ringing everywhere, spreading for thousands of miles, even tens of thousands of miles.

It had been too long since Grand Xia’s army had been able to sweep this position.

As they continued to invade, the border troops of Grand Xia slowly focused on defense. Now, they were finally forced into the hinterland.

They tried to stop the surprise attack of the army, but it was all in vain. In terms of absolute strength, the army was definitely one of the top few armies in the world.

Even if they fought against the elite guards of the various races, they would not be inferior!

In the depths of the plains, behind the million-strong army, battleships were shooting out terrifying attacks.

Within the army, battle fortresses appeared one after another. At this point, it was no longer a small fight, but a clash between the two races.

But even so, those floating battleships were destroyed in a very short period of time. The Hus did not have the ability to develop all kinds of war weapons, even if they had captured the war weapons of Grand Xia.

Many of the models of the battleships were already very old, and they were no match for the latest model battle fortresses.

This was a massacre. The entire army of the External Army quickly slaughtered this grassland alliance army.

Among the millions of soldiers, there were also experts. Many Domainians rode on extremely terrifying war chariots and soared into the sky.

“Hahaha, it’s our turn!” At this moment, Chu Hongcai flew out from within, laughing loudly.

Commanding the army was left to the deputy. He wielded his sword and charged into the army like a terrifying sword aura, engaging the Domainians.

The Domainians had never seen such a scene before. They were all killed like they were ants.

Chu Hongcai was like a sharp sword. Anyone who stood in his way would die.

They couldn’t even withstand a single attack, and those Domainians were killed like ants.

Chu Yunfan crossed his arms and did not stop Chu Hongcai.

To him, all of this was natural. Chu Hongcai’s strength had broken through from peak Domain Stage to the half-King Stage in just a year under his guidance.

Although it was only an additional 1,000 laws, reaching 6,000 laws, this was already beyond the Domain Stage. He had already glimpsed a portion of the King Stage laws.

The strength of a half-King was naturally not something that ordinary Domainians could compete with. Not everyone was like Chu Yunfan, and not everyone could have that kind of strength.

Following closely behind were the Sky Devourer Flaming Sparrow, Sea Dragon, Golden Roc, Dragon-Headed Crocodile, and the others. They all transformed into their original forms and began to slaughter.

These people’s aptitude was not inferior to Chu Hongcai’s. During this period of time, they had all become half-Kings.

Even the Dragon-Headed Crocodile and the others, who were slightly less talented, had already surpassed the limit of the Supreme Youths’ 5,000 laws. With 5,500 laws, each of them was more powerful than the other.

Although they were all at the bottom of the half-King Stage, a half-King was still a half-King. It was not something a Domainian could compete with.

It didn’t take long for the million-strong army to be killed. Whether it was the absolute strength of the army or the absolute strength of the experts, the External Army was completely capable of crushing them.

“Kill them!”

The entire army was roaring. This was a flood of steel that could crush any powerful enemy that tried to stop them.

The Hu battleships in the plains were destroyed one after another. Even if there were some new models that were stronger, they would still be destroyed.

However, it was not enough to stop the External Army. Chu Yunfan personally took care of the more powerful battleships.

At this moment, a mountain-like figure swept over from afar.

Everyone took a closer look. It was a terrifying lone wolf. This lone wolf was huge, like a huge mountain standing between heaven and earth. It was more than a thousand meters tall.

It seemed to reach the clouds and was extremely terrifying.

This lone wolf was emitting an extremely terrifying aura.

“The Sky Wolf God has appeared!”

The Hus members all shouted as if they had found a home for their souls. The situation of their initial defeat had also stabilized.

Chu Yunfan looked at the lone wolf coldly. This should be one of the most terrifying totems in the grassland.

The grassland Hus was originally a branch of the human race, but later on, they believed in the evil god and split into the Hus.

And those evil gods were the guardian totems of the tribes.

Clearly, this lone wolf was a totem.

These totems often lived for a very, very long time, even thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years. They could protect a tribe for a very, very long time.

The aura of this lone wolf was increasing, and it was erupting with the terrifying strength of a half-step King.

5,000, 6,000, 7,000, 8,000. In the end, it broke through to 9,000 before finally stopping.

This was an experienced half-King!

It was almost in contact with the King Stage. It was one of the most ancient totems on the grasslands.

Chu Hongcai, who was at the front, immediately felt this terrifying aura.

Even though he was a half-King, he could sense how terrifying this lone wolf was. It was far above him.

“Roar!” The lone wolf let out a furious roar, and the huge grassland was shattered into countless pieces. A long blade shot out from its mouth, and the cold light on the blade was piercingly cold. Then, it suddenly turned into a terrifying blade light and slashed fiercely in Chu Hongcai’s direction.

“D*mned beast, do you think I would be afraid of you?” Chu Hongcai roared loudly. Every cell in his body was spitting out sword light, which turned into a huge sword above his head and fought against the long blade.


The terrifying attacks from both sides collided fiercely. The terrifying energy tore apart and destroyed everything.

Chu Hongcai was the first to be unable to withstand it. Although he was also at the half-King Stage, he was only at the half-King Stage who had cultivated 6,000 laws.

The lone wolf opposite him was a terrifying existence that had already cultivated 9,000 laws. It was not surprising for such an existence to advance to the King Stage in the next moment.


Chu Hongcai spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward. He was severely injured by the lone wolf.

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - Chapter 2352: The Hus’ Trump Card Free Read Online (2024)


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