130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (2024)

Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Your Child + Free Printables!

Kids are home, and as moms, there’s a lot to juggle in the summer. So, we could spend all summer trying not to go crazy, OR we can have a summer bucket list for kids to make this season our best one yet!

In fact, kids summer bucket list ideas are more important for your family than ever. It’s about being intentional with quality time together. And it makes a world of difference.

With that, this article contains:

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (1)

  • The ultimate summer bucket list for kids at home, with yummy treats, outside, and going places.
  • A fierce summer bucket list for MOM (adults need fun too!)
  • 5 Tips for less stress and more fun using a list

We’ll leave no rock unturned! So, let’s check out the lists!

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130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (2)

What Are The Top 10 Summer Bucket List Items?

Want some fast and fun ideas?

Here are our choices for the top 10 Bucket List Items to do this summer! Then keep reading for more great ideas for the best summer with your kids (and for mom too!).

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (3)

1. Take a picnic and try out three new parks

2. Make crafts out of recycled items

3. Play flashlight tag after dark

4. Host a driveway movie with friends

5. Plant a garden

6. Participate in a fun reading program or reading challenge (check out our awesome book lists by age or specific summer reading books)

7. Eat watermelon

8. Have a balloon or water gun fight

9. Try a new organized sport

10. Pick berries (and eat them with ice cream!)

Keep reading for more ideas plus your free summer bucket list printable!

Summer Bucket List for Kids: Inside Adventures!

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (4)

This is a fun reminder that there are TONS of fun activities to do at home! These activities are great for when you’re stuck inside due to the heat.

11. Take a family photo and have it framed

12. Make a home theater (or indoor fort) in your home and have a movie day

13. Make journals (or start a summer journal)

14. Make a time capsule

15. Do the Home Depot crafts (It’s free and great for toddlers!)

16. Try a fun Science project. Check out easy ones HERE.

17. Make friendship bracelets

18. Do a family puzzle

19. Make treats for neighbors

20. Have a pillow fight

21. Learn a new board game

22. Set up a living room campout

23. Paint rocks (Later, put them around the neighborhood or trail)

24. Make sun-catchers (or dream catchers)

25. Plan an epic Father’s Day.

  • Check out these Father’s Day gifts
  • Fun Free Father’s Day Questionnaire
  • Epic trivia questions about dads.

26. Engage in amazing 4th of July Traditions. See this cool ebook for year-long traditions!

27 Make paper airplanes or paper boats

28. Write a story and illustrate it

29. Make a bird feeder

30. Do a random act of kindness. Check out this post for tips on spreading positivity.

31. Start a pen pal

32. Play a game with these I Have Never Questions, How Well Do U Know Me or Summer This or That Questions.

33. Do Summer Trivia Questions

34. Make a blanket fort

35. Do a family tye-dye t-shirt project


Delicious Summer Food Ideas

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (5)

Have fun with food to make your kids summer bucket list a memorable affair.

36. Eat breakfast for dinner (or backwards day with food)

37. Do a homemade pizza party

38. Make homemade jam

39. Make healthy smoothies

40. Bake cookies

41. Make root beer floats

42. Eat ice cream sundaes

43. Make snowcones

44. Try homemade fruit popsicles

45. Make BLTs using fresh in season tomatoes

46. Make s’mores

47. Have a fondue night

48. Celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July (or these other fun July holidays)

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Kids Summer Bucket List: Outside (at Home)

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (6)

Nothing beats the sound of bug life this time of year or the starry wonder of a clear summer night.

49. Create sidewalk art or paint rocks

50. Gather around the firepit

51. Do a fun nature scavenger hunt

52. Skip rocks in the creek

53. Campout in the backyard

54. Throw out the slip in slide or baby pool.

55. Catch fireflies

56. Nap in a hammock. This high-quality hammock will immediately alleviate summer stress!

57. Make an obstacle course in the backyard (try these fun family staycation ideas at home)

58. Do some cloud watching

59. Dance in the rain

60. Fly a kite

61. Have a bike parade

62. Stargaze, and get out that telescope

63. Run in the sprinklers

Summer Bucket List for Kids: Out And About

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (7)

Add these out and about adventures to your summer bucket list for kids!

64. Check out the animals and live music at the county fair

65. Hit up your favorite pool

66. Bike around a new trail or neighborhood

67. Go to a drive-thru movie theater

68. Go to a summer matinee

69. Visit the zoo

70. Go to a sports game

71. Go to an amusem*nt park

72. Visit a nature center

73. Buy fresh food at the Farmer’s Market

74. Go on a road trip (try these road trip trivia questions and answers while in the car)

75. Visit a state or national park

76. Go bowling

77. Try fishing in a new spot

78. Go to a water splash park

79. Attend a story time

80. Go to the beach – make sandcastles and do the best kids beach scavenger hunt printables

81. Visit an aquarium

82. Go to a children’s museum

83. Play mini golf

84. Ride a ferris wheel or amusem*nt park ride

85. Go camping (use this kids camping checklist to help pack)

86. Visit a library you’ve never been to before

87. Try a new restaurant

88. Visit a pick your own produce farm

89. Attend a free kids art class

90. Go geocaching

91. Volunteer as a family

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Bonus Summer Bucket List Ideas: Quality Family Time

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (8)

Enjoy spending some extra quality family time together with more of these summer bucket list ideas.

92. Stay in your pajamas all day

93. Read a book and watch the movie or tv series together

94. Wash the family car together

95. Find a new ice cream or frozen yogurt place

96. Play a fun charades game or hide and seek

97. Start a gratitude jar

98. Complete a fun family challenge

99. Buy a new arts and craft book and get creative

100. Have a dance party or family talent show

Download the full kid summer bucket list template HERE –

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (9)

Summer Bucket List Printable for KidsDownload

Want more printables like this? Get free access to my library below!

Summer Bucket List for Moms

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (10)

Here’s the thing. Adults need fun and spontaneity too. And isn’t this summer the best time to go for some?!

So, once the kids are in bed and you can think about “me time”, add a few of these on your adult summer bucket list.

1. Add one fun sundress or flirty skirt to your wardrobe

2. Do a digital detox

3. Give yourself or get a bright summer pedicure

4. Wear heels or wedges just once

5. Go on a solo bike ride around a new place

6. Clean out your ________ (closet, basem*nt, garage…)

7. Watch a sunrise or sunset

8. Try something new that will improve your life – meditating, journaling, etc.

9. Take a nap (or ten)

10. Go wine tasting

11. Plan a summer date with your partner. Try a romantic picnic!

12. Run a 5K or 10K

13. Work on a new habit. Check out this list of life-changing habits.

14. Host someone you haven’t seen in a while.

15. Make a summer playlist

16. Make sangria or another classic summer drink. Try fun drinks HERE.

17. Read an amazing book for women. Or, get one off the NYT bestseller list HERE.

18. Watch fireworks

19. Bake a fruit pie from scratch

20. Porch sit with tea for an afternoon

21. Brew your own beer or make your own wine

22. Do something you’ve never done before (get a tattoo, go on a spontaneous road trip, learn to surf, etc.)

23. Hike a new trail

24. Volunteer

25. Go camping with your friends or partner

26. Get a fresh summer hairdo

27. Write someone a kind note

28. Host a game night with friends

29. Take a weekend or week completely off of work and household tasks

30. Buy a delicious ice cream treat on a hot day to eat by yourself

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (11)

Download the full mom summer bucket list printable HERE –

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (12)
Summer Bucket List Printable for Moms


*Need ideas for fall too? Don’t miss the fall bucket list!

Now, read on for what to do with our amazing new lists!

5 Tips for Less Stress This Summer

Alright, I’m a sucker for lists. BUT, it can be easy to get stressed out feeling like there’s MORE to do as a mom. And there’s no need for that!

Check out these five tips to leave the stress behind with our 2022 summer bucket lists!

1. Make it Manageable

First, ONLY pick the activities that mean the most to you or that you can see yourself smiling with. If you know you’re going to go overboard on ideas, then force yourself to keep it to a certain number.

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (13)

2. Make Your Summer Bucket List a Dream Board

Who says it has to be a checklist?!

Instead of one big to-do list, think of it as more of a vision board or dream board of ideas.

3. Write Only What You’ve Done

As you DO activities this summer, write them down.

Spend the summer creating a list of fun activities you’ve completed. You’ll be reminding yourself of what you’ve done, not what you have left.

Plus, focusing on positive progress is a huge trick for overall happiness and motivation!

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4. Improvise on Your Traditions

All seasons bring unexpected events.

So, make adjustments as needed. The more we go with the flow, the easier it will be on our mental health.

How can you be creative with the summer traditions you have?

5. Stay Healthy

Summer = fun, but it’s also a lot of togetherness (which can lead to stress)! You’ll enjoy this time MOST if you take care of yourself. So, don’t forget your self-care for moms, regular movement, and healthy eating too.

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130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (14)

To Consider With the Summer Bucket List for Kids

The best way to create an unforgettable summer is with a plan. Even if it’s a flexible one. So, don’t let this time slip by you! It’s the perfect opportunity to build up our close-knit families.

What will you add to your summer bucket list for kids (or adults)? I’d love to know!

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Best Kids Summer Bucket List for 2023

130 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (& Mom Too) in 2024 (2024)


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