100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (2024)

We are currently melting from a heatwave in the UK right now. It’s even forecast to reach 38C in London tomorrow! What is this, the tropics?!

I love the heat and I love the sunshine. Unfortunately, this country is just not built for the heat. We don’t have widespread aircon and our houses are literally built to keep heat in. We are actually melting.

Stay hydrated folks!

Besides all that it has been a wonderful summer so far. I have been out in my garden every day learning new gardening skills. We have had many an al fresco dinner. There’s been barbecues, toasted marshmallows, walks in the woods, and the eating of copious amounts of ice cream. It has been glorious.

So in the spirit of sharing, and because you know I love a good list, I have compiled an epic bucket list of 100 things to do this summer to help you be inspired to make the most of this beautiful season.

Have a great summer folks! And let me know what you would add to your summer bucket list.

Also, I know it says 100 things to do and I’ve written 110, but I can’t cut anything off this list. I’m too excited by it all! Sooooo…. it’s a 100 list in name only to keep it in line with my other 100 lists, but it’s got a few extra ideas because it’s summer and there’s so many awesome things to do.

100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (1)

100 Things To Do This Summer

1. Spend a day at the seaside / beach
2. Host a barbecue
3. Plant some vegetables ready for the autumn / winter (this list is useful)
4. Make a bird table and fill with water for the birds to cool down
5. Visit some lavender fields
6. Play frisbee at the local park
7. Make homemade sorbet
8. Volunteer at your local nursing home/hospice
9. See how many delicious things you can squeeze into a salad
10. Stay up a few hours later to watch the sunrise
11. Write and send postcards
12. Make ice cubes with edible flowers inside
13. Invest in festoon lighting for your back garden
14. Take a road trip
15. Visit a botanical gardens (I’m going to my local one this weekend)
16. Go camping
17. Wake up an hour earlier to write morning pages
18. Collect flowers to decorate your home
19. Make a summer playlist
20. Have an iced coffee date with your friends

100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (2)

21. Offer to water the garden / wash the car for your elderly neighbours
22. Write a gratitude list
23. Visit a totally new travel destination
24. Plan to switch out 3 plastic purchases for something sustainable
25. Read the epic novel you’ve meaning to read for ages
26. Visit a your local lido
27. Make summer punch
28. Start a new exercise plan (it’s easier to start when it’s warm and light out)
29. Build an outside den
30. Walk in the woods/forest
31. Go foraging for raspberries, blackberries, any berries for that matter
32. Make jam or infused vodka with your foraged berries
33. Make fruit tartin/pie
34. Wear SPF, every day (this one doesn’t make me breakout)
35. Drink more water than you think you need
36. Make daisy chains
37. Play lawn games
38. Wear that bikini/swimsuit (I’m coveting this swimsuit)
39. Make you own lollies / popsicles
40. Hike a big hill, or a mountain if you’re feeling fit

100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (3)

41. Attend a music festival
42. Eat fish/seafood by the sea
43. Have a water fight
44. Plant some meadow flowers (tips here)
45. Build a campfire
46. Toast marshmallows (or make my s’mores pie)
47. Take a boat ride
48. Visit an art gallery
49. Go to a wine tasting
50. Attend a local fete / town carnival
51. Buy a new plant for your garden / home
52. Make lemonade
53. Watch the latest film at the cinema
54. Play I-spy
55. Challenge your friends to a cookathon (my recipes here)
56. Go on a picnic
57. Make a sandcastle
58. Buy something from a local business or an small business online
59. Play games at an amusem*nt arcade
60. Scrapbook your latest adventure (scrapbook here)

100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (4)

61. Host a summer garden party
62. Reconnect with an old friend
63. Go dancing
64. Learn some basic words when visiting a foreign country
65. Go to a pick-you-own farm (there’s a UK list here)
66. Watch the sunset
67. Play tourist in your own town
68. Get a pedicure
69. Try a water sport
70. Stand in the summer rain
71. Go on a bike ride
72. Declutter and donate to your local charity shop
73. Drink super cold milkshakes
74. Try some tie-dying
75. Splash out on a hot air balloon ride (some options here in the UK)
76. Learn to make home-made mayonnaise
77. Visit a farmer’s markets
78. Have a spa day (my spa reviews)
79. Make a den in the garden
80. Go stargazing

100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (5)

81. Meditate outside (beginner’s guide to meditation)
82. Try glamping (some ideas here)
83. Talk to someone new
84. Take a nap in a hammock (some options here)
85. Devise a treasure hunt
86. Do a digital detox (my digital detox guide here)
87. Lie in the grass and make shapes out of clouds
88. Visit an observatory
89. Make a summer craft
90. Do a summer family photoshoot
91. Invest in some comfortable sandals (I’m eyeing up these birkenstocks)
92. Find some waterfalls
93. Play mini golf
94. Do a random act of kindness
95. Make a bug hotel for the garden (how-to guide here)
96. Make ice cream sundaes
97. Plant a herb garden
98. Play safely with sparklers
99. Watch an outdoor movie
100. Go to a sporting event

100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (6)

101. Climb a tree
102. Play card games
103. Write yourself some positive mantras
104. Make margaritas (or something tequila inspired)
105. Spend the afternoon in a pub garden
106. Go swimming
107. Stay somewhere unusual in the UK (my guide here)
108. Try to travel light
109. Be an activist
110. Take a train ride, even better if it’s a steam railway

What would you add to your summer bucket list?

Have a great summer everybody and don’t forget to drink more water!


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100 Things To Do This Summer - Ultimate Summer Bucket List (2024)


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